Fifa20 not your game? No worries, we’ve got what you're looking for. 

Some games are more popular than others. We get that. That’s why we’ve always got a nice mix of games in our roster. Check out our current titles, and find a battle-royale, beat-em-up or sports game to suit you. Bet, play and win today.

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FIFA20 is one of our most popular titles with the action coming thick and fast. Finding a match couldn't be easier with the Gamer Wager App. Place a bet, collect your winnings, and make your victories even sweeter. PLEASE GAMBLE RESPONSIBLY.

Popular Games



They don’t come more Epic than this. Make your next victory even sweeter, and put your money where your mouth is.

Rocket League


Cars, football, and a top driving experience. No surprise that this game won ‘Game of the Year’ & ‘Best Sports Game’ awards. Play, drive, win. Ready?

Madden NFL


Classic EA Sports. And the only officially licensed NFL videogame. Play American Football from your gaming chair, and take home more than a touchdown.

About us

If you like gaming, you’re in good company. Here at Gamer Wager we think that a win is even sweeter when you make the game real. Forget in-game currency, we put your winnings in your pocket. Play like a boss, smash your opponent, and take home your cash. We’re just here to mix up the titles, keep everything above board, and make sure you have a good time.  Our groundbreaking app is about fun so please remember to GAMBLE RESPONSIBLY.


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Up The


Gaming will always be fun. Backing yourself against an opponent takes things to the next level. Here at Gamer Wager, we don’t take a % of your bet.  Instead, you can put as little as £5 into your account, and back yourself by just £1 per match. If you’re feeling more confident, you can back yourself by up to £250. We only allow fair games and all bets are even so your opponent will stake the same amount. The rules are simple. If you win the game, you take home the pot. 


Think you've got the skills?

Laying down the gauntlet...

Our app brings gaming to reality. And what's more real than cash? Challenge your friends to games, settle who is top dog, and battle it out for a cash prize. Grind your favourite game, and come out on top.



Good at video games? Take it to the next level…

Enjoy the worlds only fully licensed, peer to peer video game betting platform for Xbox & PS4. Place a bet, win a game, and take home the pot. Play for real cash. Built for competitive and casual gamers. Ready to back yourself?


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Xbox Series X


We are ready. Are you?

Bet. Game. Win

If you weren't lucky enough to get a next-gen console, fear not. We want you to play with your friends, no matter what console you're all playing. That's why our Gamer Wager platform allows you to bet cross-platform, whether you're on a PS4, Xbox One, PS5 or Xbox series X. So if the game allows console cross-gen, you can STILL place a £5 bet with your friend.

Welcome to the future of peer-to-peer video game betting!! 


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Gamer Wager is the worlds first fully licensed peer to peer video game betting platform.  PLEASE GAMBLE RESPONSIBLY.


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