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We like a flashy new title as much as the next gamer. But sometimes we get an itch to play a classic. So if you visit a game room and find that no one is there, don’t worry, just invite a friend to download and subscribe to the app. That way, you can bet with each other on some of the lesser played titles. Everyone’s happy. 


There’s a reason that 34,600,000 gamers play this classic. If you like football and fast paced action, this is the one for you. Showcase your skills, enjoy great gameplay, and bring home more than a cup. Will you take the title, or find yourself in the relegation scraps? You won’t know until you try...


They don’t come more Epic than this shooter game. But it takes more than a good shot to come out on top. Build, edit and plan two steps ahead of your opponent. There’s a lot of talk around this game. So make your next victory even sweeter, and put your money where your mouth is.

Rocket League

Football, cars and gaming. What’s not to like? Jump into a rocket-powered car and smash a ball into your opponent's goal. Sounds easy. But it’s not. Great graphics and mechanics make this game.So if you like a challenge, step into the Rocket League games room.

Madden NFL

This is a beautiful game. Not only are the graphics on point, the mechanics are flawless too. Own your play style, take control of the field, and think three moves ahead of your rival. It’s the Fifa for American Football. So if you know your quarterback from your kicker, enter this game room.

Call Of Duty Warzone

Everyone loves the CoD series, and Warzone does not disappoint. Excellent visuals, and challenging map. Drop in, armor up, and battle it out. You’re only one enemy away from winning the match, and taking the cash prize...


This is the sports game for NBA lovers. Gameplay simulates a typical basketball game, and you’ll have to take control of your team to get as many balls in the hoop in the time allowed. Show some skills, dribble past your opponents, and finish up with a higher score.

Street Fighter 5

A modern classic. Street Fighter 5 has been critically praised for its graphics and gameplay, and rightly so. We’re all familiar with the side-scrolling fighting gameplay, but we can’t all be a champion. Hit back at an aggressive opponent, and dish out some damaging combos. Ready to show who's the champion?


EA Sports UFC is a mixed martial arts fighting video game. And it ain’t for the weak hearted. From pummeling stand-up strikes to intense grappling, you’ll need to bring out your inner UFC fighter, and  execute your skills with deadly accuracy. Force your opponent into submission, and take the winnings.

Apex Legends

This is next level battle-royale. It’s a first-person shooter favourite, but to win, you’ll have to be more than a good shot. Take your pick from a pool of legendary characters, utilise their ability, and strategize. For this one, your brain will need to be as fast as your thumbs. If not faster. Grab an energy drink, and find out why.

PES 2020

There’s only one soccer game this season that truly shoots for the stars. eFootball PES 2020. The true return to form for the hardcore fan, PES brings all the advance tools a footballer has to offer.


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