How To Bet with Gamer WaGER

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We're gonna need to check you're over 18...


We're a regulated gambling company so we need to check that you're over 18 at the point of registering, which means asking you to fill out a boring form....sorry!

We want our players to receive exactly even money odds on any head-to-head game they play. So instead of us taking a percentage of your bets (known as a 'rake') we just charge a small £4.99/month membership fee allowing you to make as many head-to-head bets as you like, you can cancel at any time, no questions asked. Remember your first month is free, so you can try us for a whole month for nothing.

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Top up your account to start betting...


Before you're able to enter a head to-head wager with another gamer you'll need to credit your wallet with funds. You can top up as little as £5 and stake as little as £1 all the way up to the maximum stake of £250. All bets are even, so a stake of £10 will return £20 to the victor!

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With loads of top games to choose from, there is something for everyone...


We've always got at least 10 games in the roster that you can bet on, some games are way more popular than others so if you visit a game room and find that no one is there, you can always invite a friend to download and subscribe to the app, then you can bet with each other on some of the lesser played titles.

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Find someone new to play with win the Gamer Lobby, or invite a friend!


Once you've chosen which game you want to bet on, you can enter the Game Room, first you will have to set the maximum stake that you want to bet with. Lets say you want to bet £5 on a FIFA match; by selecting a £5 stake you will enter the room and see other players who also want to be £5 or less. If there is no one in the room for you to bet with, you can invite a friends directly from your phone book in the contacts section.

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Laying down the gauntlet...


Once you've chosen your opponent you can send them the challenge, if they accept your challenge  their user name for PS4 or Xbox will be displayed so that you can find them online and invite them to the game on your console. You will also receive challenges from other people, so keep an eye on your list of challenges by clicking on the Gamer Wager badge at the top of your screen on the app.

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Setting up the game properly is important, so read the room rules...


Make absolutely sure that you read the game rules properly, if you cheat or set up the game incorrectly, your opponent might register a dispute against you, which we will have to review.

Each player starts with a five star trust rating, but if you're caught lying about winning or doing anything sneaky then we will remove a star, which may stop others wanting to bet with you.

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Thumbs at the ready....


We recommend playing the game with a wired connection to your console, directly from your router to reduce the chance disconnecting. We all know how unreliable wifi can be, so make sure your connection is stable. If you get disconnected, you have forfeited the bet and your opponent will get the spoils.

Play the game, have fun and be respectful to the other player, especially if you are talking via your console headset.

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Win, loose or dispute...


One you've played the game, the app will prompt you to take a photograph of the closing screen. The photo should clearly show the outcome even if you have lost!

After this, make sure that you declare if you have won or lost. In the event that you both claim to have won, a dispute ticket will be raised and we will review the photographic evidence.

If the evidence shows you're telling the truth, we will award you the pot. If the evidence shows you've lied, we will remove a trust star from your profile which means others won't want to play with you!