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Updated: Mar 19

"Building a fun platform that people will want to keep coming back to is now the main ethos of Gamer Wager… but…. Much like my high school grades, it started off with pure disappointment."
Mark Goddard (Founder)

I’ve always been heavily into the football genre of games, when I say heavily, I mean me and my friends were playing every chance we got. All of us like a bet so naturally, during one FIFA session after a few at the pub, one of us turned to another and said “I’ll play you for £5”. This led to some of the most intense and fun games we had ever played. The chance to win some cash made the games all the more exciting. Once someone had lost a game it would be double or nothing, side bets materialised and genuine roars of excitement bounced around the room as games came to a close.

Soon we were trying to look for other people to play for money, after all, this was a better option than putting some money on a horse we knew nothing about or a football team needing to win.... we were in charge of how we played, we were backing ourselves in an even bet. The main point was the games we played were not based on luck, they were based on SKILL.

The introduction of online gaming opened our world up, we could now play people from all over the globe, challenging them to games for money via chat rooms. We built a small network of gamers who were keen to put their skills to the test and back themselves financially. The problem was a lot of them didn’t pay when they lost, scoring a last minute goal in a thrilling 4 - 3 win and not being paid at the end was a real heart breaker. Gamer Wager was born from this disappointment.

I took it on myself to find the best method for head to head bet settlement and started a journey to gain a gambling license so that we could be compliant and trust worthy. I spoke to gamers and esports enthusiasts alike to see what they would want from a head to head betting platform. All in all it has taken the best part of four years to get to the point we are at today, we officially launch our platform in October and I am VERY excited to see what you all think of what we have created.

The Gamer Wager app settles all bets for the players, not paying a lost bet is no longer an option as all of the transactions are done in the app, like it would in any gambling app from a high street bookmaker. All the players have to do is take a picture of the games close screen with the result and gamertag in it. As soon as the results are in, the funds will be transferred accordingly. We do not take a rake, all the winnings belong to the gamer. I really wanted this platform to be built FOR gamers BY gamers.

We took the time and effort to get a UK Gambling License because we wanted our community to feel safe knowing that every time they placed a bet they were doing so in a compliant environment. Let's face it, if you placed a bet on a website that wasn't compliant, how would you know that your money was safe?


I wanted there to be a community of like minded people competing for real money 24/7. Rooms were added for each individual game (10 in total) and a lot of thought was put into making this platform about fun, not intense gambling sessions. Each player will be able to view their competitors statistics, win percentages and most played games so that they can make an educated decision before deciding to make or accept a bet.

I accept that this is a gambling platform, I accept that some people will agree with what I have set out to do and some won't. In my eyes I could have had a pig farm and had the same sort of moral arguments. Please understand, the games included in the Gamer Wager platform are all based on your skill levels and every member of Gamer Wager strongly believes in responsible gambling...... so PLEASE, GAMBLE RESPONSIBLY.

Mar Goddard - Founder.

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