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Let me start this off by saying this, I love this company! I love what we've achieved so far, I love the people that I work along side and I love the fact that we've got so many ideas lined up that I'm positive will blow you all away. Watching this all come together and grow has been an incredible feeling and we are only just getting started!

Now let me say this, putting all of this together has been a pain in the ass!!!

The Gamer Wager name is one of our biggest assets, without wanting to sound cliche it does exactly what it says on the tin. We're aimed at gamers and provide our users with a facility to wager, sorry if that was stating the obvious. In the beginning we had some really dog shit ideas of how our brand should look, I feel sorry for Aaron (our logo designer) when I think back to the direction he was given, most creatives will probably know what I'm talking about here, when you want a bit of input for the project you're meant to be creating and you're told something along the lines of "Make it bold but not shit, colourful but not loads of different colours...... and cool, it HAS to be cool as fuck". The client has one idea in their head but they can't really put it into words. After all of the creative direction we gave, and there was far to much, we were left with a G and an upside down controller that in our heads looked like a W, we loved it, but as you can see for yourselves from the cover image, it was pretty shit (though we have a trademark on it before you go trying to use it ;). This was in no way Aaron's fault, he was just given too much information instead of being left with his own creativity. After a few workshops discussing how we perceive Gamer Wager and a lot of back and forth with ideas our logo began to take shape. Our brand is built on what we believe gamer wager to be and as we grow this will become more apparent.

The Gamer Wager logo you see today is based on one of our key beliefs, THE PLAYER IS KING.

Now that we had our brand we needed to start getting a voice for it, we brought in some extremely talented blog writers to help write interesting content for our website (wait, what do you mean my content isn't as interesting as theirs?) I cannot thank them all enough for the work they have done so far and there are some amazing pieces we haven't even pushed out yet. We might be a company that is in the gambling and gaming sectors, but we're trying to be a company that is rooted in gaming over anything else. As I have always said, we do not charge a rake on the bets that're made, it makes no difference if you wager £1 in a month or £50, that's your decision. As long as you're responsible with how much you are wagering you'll never hear from us regarding your wagers. We wont be sending you messages encouraging you to wager, instead we'll give you interesting content regarding gaming that's delivered in a way that hopefully makes you feel part of our team, Team Gamer Wager.

The last thing I want to mention in this is the work that my business partner Carl has been doing with our merchandise. We have had a great response to our caps, they've been seen on Sky Sports quite a lot, in the ring in Madison Square Garden during some high profile world title fights and also on every Tom, Dick and Harry that has been lucky enough to blag one for free (you know who you are!) Carl has been hard at work on more items that we will be showing you all in good time. For now though, we're going to be putting our caps for sale on our website so if you like what we're doing and want to show some support then keep an eye out as they'll be available soon!

Remember, as a company we want to grow and to do that we need to keep our users happy and involved, if there's anything you want to ask us or you have some good ideas that you want to talk about then please reach out on social media, we really appreciate it all. And thank you all for your support so far, we will be available in the App and Play stores VERY SOON.

One last thing....... buy a cap :)

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