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Gamer Wager Announce Front End White Label Product.

Gamer Wager are pleased to announce the launch of our white label product that will give operators the chance to take advantage of our Peer to Peer video game wagering technology.

Still in its infancy, esports has grown dramatically in the last 5 years. Over the past 2 years alone the market has doubled in size and shows no signs of slowing. The esports betting market was worth $14 billion at the close of 2020. This is only 3.2% of the market GGR but is growing rapidly. Most large sports events came to an abrupt halt during the pandemic, esports was not only unaffected but enjoyed accelerated growth.

There has never been a better time for operators' to adopt esports into their business.

A recent survey by media company ProdegeMR reported that more than 22 percent of gamblers that had never previously bet on esports are now considering it, while 32 percent of esports bettors have actively explored new products to bet on.

Martin Bradley, research director in technology and entertainment at 2CV, said:

“By 2022, the number of esports viewers is estimated to rise to 644 million worldwide, this is up from 454 million viewers in 2019. The Covid-19 pandemic has led to many forms of sports associated with gambling being cancelled or postponed but is also a big opportunity for esports to get in front of this audience."

With so much growth in a sector that we'd spent 5 years crafting a platform, it made sense for us to let the industry offer our functionality to their users.

We are now open for business with a front end white label product.

The Gamer Wager platform is designed to ensure operators' freedom and flexibility while managing their businesses. Our high quality solution and advanced technology matches the expectations of our partners and guarantees an engaging user experience. Offering the future of wagering in familiar surroundings.

Operators' can charge a rake per bet or alternatively offer a subscription model. Both models allow additional revenue streams and will increase operators' GGR year on year.

Our Peer To Peer business model means there is no need to wait for a sporting event for revenue. All bets are evens so there is minimal gambling liability for operators'. Our markets allow like minded gamers to find a wager 24/7/365, the same as with the poker or slot markets. The robust Gamer Wager platform can be customized with the latest titles on the day of release meaning operators' stay ahead of the curve in an ever changing gaming landscape.

Unlike other markets in the betting world, the Gamer Wager business model appeals to the 18 - 35 age bracket and is considered forward thinking in its execution. The Gamer Wager platform is aimed at both casual and professional gamers, from the current generation that grew up playing super Nintendo and Sega Mega Drive to future generations to come. some of these users may have been out of reach for some operators' previously.

With 10 video game markets on offer including FIFA, Call Of Duty, Rocket League and more. We feel that we have something to offer every gamer over the age of 18.... something new. Each of the markets on offer are completely skill based and with player statistics visible in the bet setup users can have a transparent and educated wagering experience. Gone are the days of skill based match making determining user placements.

If you want to find out more get in touch with us at info@gamerwager.com

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