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The Gamer Wager App is LIVE!!!!!

Updated: Mar 19

After four long years of development, license acquisition, more development, Trade Mark approval and then a bit more development we are proud to announce that the Gamer Wager App is now live in the App Store and Play Store.

We all know that esports betting is taking off in massive ways, and that soon esports is likely to be the biggest participation sport in the world! But, we can’t all be hot-shot streamers, or cup winning FIFA players, so Gamer Wager wanted to up-the-ante for passionate, like minded gamers and give them a new way to compete from the comfort of the sofa. The answer was simple…

Head-to-Head betting with strangers and friends, with zero rake.

Once you've downloaded and subscribed (THE FIRST MONTH IS FREE), Gamer Wager offers head-to-head betting on some of the top 2 player video games available on console. FIFA, Fortnite, Rocket League, PES, Street Fighter, UFC, Madden, NBA2K, COD Warzone and Apex Legends are all available for wagers. All you need to do is select the game you wish to bet from the lobby, set the maximum you are willing to bet and then you will see a list of other players ready to bet with you.

You’ll be able to see how good they are by clicking on their profile and reviewing their performance history. Once you’ve sent a challenge out to the users, they can accept it and you can start playing the game for real cash.

If you don’t fancy playing against people you don’t know, no problem; you can send an invitation to a friend directly from your contacts list, so you can spice up those FIFA or COD game with your mates, and put your money where your mouth is!

Best value betting platform for gamers

For the first release of Gamer Wager, we’ve kept it simple, social, fair and amazing value.

Value was really important to the proposition and we’re committed to the idea that a subscription model is the best value for our customers as most peer-to-peer gambling sites will take a rake from your bet, with some of these guys taking up to 20% of your winnings. In real terms that means, if you won £50.00 in a head-to-head bet you’d pay £10.00 to the company. So you would have to risk £25 to win £40!?

That’s the same as only getting odds of 8/13 - Terrible Value.

It seems like madness to us, because we’re not exposed to any risk so why should we rake your bets?

Instead we just charge a small monthly fee of £5.00 a month, or £40 for a whole year. That will give you access to thousands of players who you can bet against as much as you want, for that flat fee. Absolute bargain if you ask us!

The Gamer Wager App is available to download NOW in the APP STORE and PLAY STORE

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